Vague SEO & Frustrated Clients

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We’ve been working with a new client recently who had a strained relationship with their previous SEO Company. After talking with the client for a while, the issue became crystal clear. Their former SEO was absurdly vague about the work they were doing. The client would ask them to explain the specifics of the work being […]

Setting up Click-to-Call Tracking on your Website


Click-to-call tracking is the process of tracking the number of visitors who call you directly by clicking on your on-site phone number. The Benefits of Call Tracking What’s the benefit of this type of data, you ask? Conversion tracking is an essential metric for quantifying the ROI of your online marketing efforts. A conversion can […]

Adwords Tips for Beginners


Google Adwords is a great way to drive traffic to your site and convert that traffic into qualified leads. Whether you are a doctor, a lawyer, or you own a small craft store, adwords is one of the best “bang for your buck” marketing tools out there. The catch is, you have to know what […]

Insights Learned from Removing Spammy Inbound Links


We recently took on a project for a client whose site has been plagued by poor quality inbound links – the result of a former SEO company’s link building efforts. I thought I’d share some of the processes and insights we’ve encountered during this link removal project. A Little Background Years ago, long before we […]