2014 Online Marketing Resolutions

online marketingNo doubt you’ve already been inundated with a tidal wave of year end resolution lists. Here’s yet another one for good measure. This article sprang from a meeting we recently had in which we listed out concrete ways to improve our online marketing services for clients based on the trends we see as becoming more and more important in 2014. Here’s what we came up with.

Write Conversationally

One of the biggest (and also one of the quietest) changes to Google this year was their Hummingbird algorithm. In a nutshell, this changeup favors more conversational writing over the more traditional keyword heavy web writing of the past. This is to better accommodate searchers using their smartphones to speak aloud their searches. Writing conversationally is a way of providing information about the questions and topics people are actually searching for, and making the content more readable in the process. That’s not to say we should completely forget keyword research and implementation…

Incorporate Keywords Strategically

Keywords are still an essential aspect in all online writing and content creation. Keywords allow search bots and users to better sort through and find relevant content. The trick with keywords is to implement them into your content strategically and only where they make sense. Authors run into issues when their pages and posts are stuffed to the brim with keywords for the sake of keywords. This strategy (keyword stuffing) used to work brilliantly back in the day. Not so anymore. In fact, it can actually hurt your site now. Google is getting smarter every day. Don’t try to pull a fast one because you will eventually get caught and pay the price. Instead, stick with the golden rule of online marketing…

Content is still King

Online marketing has really always been about content in some shape or form, whether it’s keywords, title tags, web pages, blog posts, social media updates, or email newsletters. It’s all about content, now more than ever. If you’re just starting out on the web, your best long-term bet is to start creating valuable content and continue to do so ad-infinitum. It takes a while, but it truly is the only surefire way to build your web presence over time.

So that’s a brief synopsis of what we’ve learned in 2013 and where we’re going in 2014. Let us know if you have any other search marketing resolutions of your own – we’d love to hear them!

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